It takes a lot of coordination to serve patients and constituents in healthcare. From technology to resources to staff, all of these different parts are working to provide the best possible service and value. However, as hospitals and other healthcare organizations implement new technology or new standards, taking the time to review processes can take a backseat. But that's exactly what needs to happen for any new implementation to succeed. 

Lean Workflows utilizes quality improvement methodologies proven to increase value while reducing inefficiencies in many industries, including healthcare. Consultants work with every level of the organization to track a process from beginning to end, finding areas for improvement and strategizing success. 

Whether you want to refine existing processes or develop new workflows, our consultants can help. The Lean methodology described below will have positive impacts on productivity, quality, costs, and more. 

The Lean Workflows Process

Step 4
Create a road map
Lean road maps incorporate strategy, assumptions and actions. Lean Workflows consultants will help design a map that's achievable for your organization.

Step 1
Define the scope
Lean Workflows consultants work with your business to understand the systemic issues your organization is facing.

Step 5
Continuous Improvement
Lean process improvement is more than a one-time thing; it's a culture. Lean Workflows consultants will see your strategy through execution.

We're always on hand to help refine the process as business changes as well, ensuring success into the future.


Step 2
Create a plan
Together, we'll create a plan using principles of Lean process design to address the process-driven issues.

Step 3
Involve stakeholders
The success of any plan lies in leveraging the expertise of those involved.  Lean Workflows consultants facilitate conversations and visualize current and ideal states.

That cry for more is really a cry to fix our processes.
— Naida Grunden, co-author of Lean-Led Hospital Design: Creating the Efficient Hospital of the Future