Increased satisfaction scores from 72% to 97%

Reduced expenses by more than 25%

Increased revenue by more than $1.6M without any budget increase


Lean principles are focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness, while working toward continuous improvement.  These principles, typically applied to manufacturing or healthcare settings, can be applied to processes in institutions of higher education. 

Lean Workflows consultants are keenly aware that your students are not customers, and your degrees are not products. However, your students benefit from processes that provide them with the most value possible.

Working through the inherent layers of colleges and universities is a specialty of our consultants. We have worked with cross-functional groups to improve administrative and academic processes while documenting the successes in ways that meet credentialing criteria. 

Studies have shown that Lean has a significant and measurable impact when used to improve academic and administrative operations (see William K. Balzer’s research). Our methodology will address the process from every level and implement strategies for continuous improvement. 

The Lean Workflows Process

Step 4
Create a road map
Lean road maps incorporate strategy, assumptions and actions. Lean Workflows consultants will help design a map that's achievable for your organization.

Step 1
Define the scope
Lean Workflows consultants work with your business to understand the systemic issues your organization is facing.

Step 5
Continuous Improvement
Lean process improvement is more than a one-time thing; it's a culture. Lean Workflows consultants will see your strategy through execution.

We're always on hand to help refine the process as business changes as well, ensuring success into the future.

Step 2
Create a plan
Together, we'll create a plan using principles of Lean process design to address the process-driven issues.

Step 3
Involve stakeholders
The success of any plan lies in leveraging the expertise of those involved. Lean Workflows consultants facilitate conversations and visualize current and ideal states.

Thanks to Lean Workflows, we’ve revolutionized our incoming student pathway, and can serve more students than ever before.
— Amy Dunn, Associate Vice Provost of Enrollment Management