The Elephant Parable

Blind men with elephant

Five blind men were led to an elephant. Each one was placed near a different part, and asked to describe what they felt: 

  • The man who touched the leg thought the elephant was a pillar
  • The man who touched the trunk thought the elephant was a thick tree branch
  • The man who touched the tail likened the elephant to a rope
  • The man who touched the ear thought the elephant similar to a fan
  • The man who touched the belly thought the elephant was a huge wall

Each of them were right and wrong. They were right in describing the individual part that they knew and understood. However, it was only a partial view. If they had combined their views, they would have understood the full picture. 

Lean for Production & Services

The elephant parable shows the importance of opening up communication between departments and silos. The valuable expertise of each area is necessary to create value streams for customers that can flow across technologies, assets, and departments.

Step 2
Create a plan

Together, we'll create a plan using principles of Lean process design to address the process-driven issues. 

Step 1
Define the scope

Lean Workflows consultants work with your business to understand the systemic issues your organization is facing.

Step 4
Create a road map

Lean road maps incorporate strategy, assumptions and actions. Lean Workflows consultants will help design a map that's achievable for your organization.

Step 3
Involve stakeholders

The success of any plan lies in leveraging the expertise of those involved. Lean Workflows consultants facilitate conversations and visualize current and ideal states.

Step 5
Continuous Improvement

Lean process improvement is more than a one-time thing; it's a culture. Lean Workflows consultants will see your strategy through execution. We're always on hand to help refine the process as business changes as well, ensuring success into the future. 

And the Results are Real

At Lean Workflows, our consultants will see you through the entire process to your desired results. Our clients have experienced a range of benefits including: 

Increased customer satisfaction scores from 72% to 97%

Increased revenue by more than $1.6M without any budget increase

Decreased wait times from three weeks to three days

Reduced expenses by more than 25%

But the biggest benefit of all? Opening up departments and breaking down silos to enhance communication at every level. Period.